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God Made Gay on Purpose

In the beginning, God made the world, and at some point afterward he made humankind. And since God made humankind, he made every kind of human. God made every race. And we are all made in his image.
Therefore, it is accurate to say God is black since black men and women are made in his image. God made brown and white and every shade and race. Therefore it is accurate to say God is white. He is brown. He is female. He is male. Every shade and race of humankind is a reflection of God since these were made in his image. And as gay men and women were made in his image, God is gay.
The world we know today is a world of entrenched bigotry. In every corner of this world, since the beginning of time, there has existed some form of bigotry in every known civilization ever recorded. Pastors from their pulpits have used the Bible to support racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, slavery, poverty, and sickness.
For centuries Bible verses have been used to ‘prove’ that God considers the black race inferior.
Bible verses have been used to ‘prove’ that God forbids women to preach or speak in church or to behave independently of their husbands.
Bible verses have been used to ‘prove’ that Jews are not going to heaven.
Bible verses have been used to ‘prove’ that slavery is part of God’s plan for certain peoples.
Bible verses have been used to ‘prove’ that God puts poverty and sickness on people to teach them lessons and for his own glory.
Now Bible verses are being used to ‘prove’ that God does not love his gay children and that homosexual men and women are outside of God’s plan.
But this ends now. No one can use the Bible anymore to support their own man-made bigotry with the publication of this book. The author of God is Gay has patiently and thoroughly walked the reader through the entire Bible and has proved that gay Christians are specifically part of God’s plan and have been since the beginning of time.
Get God is Gay on Amazon and read the hundreds of scriptures that support the truth that God made gay on purpose, that he has a plan for his Gay children, and God made a special blessing for our gay brothers and sisters.

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