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Is Your Bible Wrong?

If your Bible has the word homosexual in it, then it is a lie from Hell. The original Bible text does not include the word homosexual — neither in the Old Testament nor the New Testament. There is no word for homosexual in ancient Hebrew or Aramaic (Old Testament) and none of the many words for homosexual or lesbian or homosexual sex acts or lesbian sex acts that were used in First Century Greek are in the original Greek text of the New Testament.

When Biblical scholars first translated the original Hebrew and Greek texts into English they were faithful to the original. From the day that God first inspired man to write down his Holy Word, and up until 1954, there was no published Bible that contained the word homosexual. These translators were faithful to the original text.
However, tragically, since 1954 and with increasing frequency, many translators of the scriptures have taken liberties that proclaim the Bible says what it does not say and never said. This is the opposite of true scholarship.
So if your Bible uses the word homosexual or any variation on that word, it is not a faithful translation of the Bible. It is, at best, human error.
God is Gay lists all currently used Bible translations and shows you which publishers are faithful to the original and which publishers have taken unscriptural liberties by including the word homosexual when there is no scholarly basis for it.
The Bible can only be understood when seen as a whole work. Through studying the entire Bible, this book will reveal to the reader that God is as much gay as He is straight, that God loves gay as much as He loves straight, and that He does not approve of any so-called Christian dogma that chooses to make a distinction between straight Christians and gay Christians.
Get God is Gay on Amazon and learn how to scripturally prove that God is gay by using the whole Bible, how to use scripture to support every pro-gay argument, and how to trust Jesus—not religion—with every issue in your life.

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