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We Are Forbidden to Judge

I believe everyone at one time or another has sat through a church service that was inspiring and wonderful and true and uplifting only to have the pastor then throw in some comment about homosexuality and how choosing the ‘gay lifestyle’ is against God and against His teaching.
It can pretty much ruin your Sunday. And it is 100% a lie. First off, no one chooses his or her sexuality. If so, you should be able to tell me when you chose which way you were going to go. We have all experienced the fact that our sexuality chooses us.
But apart from that obvious lie, what is more surprising is that these speakers from the pulpits can rain down judgment on our homosexual brothers and sisters when the Bible is bursting with a very clear message that bars pastors (and others) from this un-Christian behavior. And that message is that we cannot judge anyone. The clear message that is repeated over and over again throughout the Bible is God alone is the judge of us.
This means that every minister, every pastor, every priest, every denomination that has put homophobic rhetoric in their church doctrine, has placed themselves squarely against the word of God in the Bible.
Anyone who is claiming to be a Christian and is judging gays (or anyone else for that matter) and speaking as if they have the authority of Heaven to judge their gay brothers and sisters is not reading (or believing) their Bible.
We know we are not in ourselves perfect. It is how we judge ourselves that is important for us to know. For if we remain humble in the knowledge that we are all sinners, God does not judge us.
But the gay issue remains a sticking point for many churches and denominations. This is just bigotry, not God.
The white person believes himself to be superior to a black person?
The black person believes himself to be superior to a white person?
The man feels himself to be superior to a woman?
The woman feels herself to be superior to a man?
The straight person believes himself to be superior to the gay person?
The gay person believes himself to be superior to the straight person?
It is to no one’s credit that they were born white or black or male or female or gay or straight. These are not accomplishments. Are you born a black female lesbian? It’s a gift from God. Are you born a white straight Jew? It’s a gift from God. Everything we are comes as a gift so we cannot boast about ourselves, as if we are now something special since we didn’t do anything, but receive a free gift.

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