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God is Love

The word ‘love’ has been kicked around and used as an excuse for wife beating, spanking children, and even murder. The Greeks have more than one word for love. Most of the New Testament was originally written in Greek. All of these Greek terms were translated into the single English word “love” in our American Bibles. But we have no problem knowing exactly what love is according to God’s Word because the Bible tells us the definition of love. God is love. From the Old Testament through the New Testament, from Genesis through Revelation, it is clear that God is love, love made the world, and we’re designed by God to love each other in this world.
So owe each other love. That’s the mandate from God, to love one another. “One another” means everyone. We owe it to God to love the boss, the politician, the child, the neighbor. There are no exceptions. Therefore the Bible also says that we owe it to God to love the gay boss, the gay politician, the gay child, the gay neighbor. There are no exceptions. The Bible doesn’t say, “Except for…”
A world of Jesus-loving Christians, gay and straight, would be the most peaceful, caring community that could ever exist. Christians who are not behaving with love are not following Christ.
It is easier to love than otherwise. How do you feel when you hate?
Who do you love? If we do the right thing, we love everyone. God loves everyone. Do you think your mother loved you? Maybe she did and maybe she didn’t. But God is perfect so he loves you. He has your name written on the palms of his hands. He can hold his hands up and read your name right there anytime he wants to smile. It’s as if God takes out his wallet just to look at your picture he keeps there.
Anyone who judges, criticizes, hates, shuns or does not love their gay brother or sister in Christ is walking in darkness and is not walking in Christianity.
Get God is Gay on Amazon and learn the evolution of love through the entire Bible that culminates in God’s overarching mandate to love each other. Period. The book proves that any church or Christian who makes any gay brother or sister feel anything other than totally loved is not obeying God.

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