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What is Biblical Sexual Sin?

There are several terms that are used in certain translations of the Bible that are improperly used today to claim that the Bible is referring to homosexuality – terms such as sexual immorality, sexual sin, sodomy, and unnatural. But none of these terms in the Bible are referring to gay people or gay sex.
Some translations of the Bible use the vague term sexual immorality when citing a certain sin from the scriptures and then some readers compound the translation error by personally deciding themselves that these terms mean homosexuality. But it is not true and it cannot be true. Whenever the term sexual sin or sexual immorality is used, it refers specifically to sexually using others with whom you have no relationship, people with whom you have no commitment. That is the sin. In the Bible, sexual immorality is not about sexual mechanics, it is about lack of commitment and lack of responsibility to that person.
Get God is Gay on Amazon today and learn what the Bible really says about prostitution, incest and fornication. It’s not what you think. The sexual mores of Biblical times were very different than today. The laws and the social traditions of those times are not discussed in church so most Christians are unable to fluidly put scripture in a meaningful context. And modern Christians, on both sides of the gay issue, are misreading the Bible.
Sex is an important part of the human experience. However, contemporary Christian thought is at often at odds with scriptural sexual expression. Get your copy of God is Gay now to learn from the Bible itself what God is saying through his Word to us on this important matter.

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